Peterborough Ontario was the first city in Canada to use electric streetlights because of which it was known
as the “Electric City”. But today it is one of the top recreational cities of the country. Toronto and
Ottawa are the two largest cities of Canada, and Peterborough is located perfectly between them.
The city offers many indoor and outdoor activities for its residents and tourists. It has beautiful
parks, art museums, scenic walking trails, kid-friendly attractions, and many more. If you are a
tourist, there are many incredible Airbnb (Air Bed and Breakfast) rentals for you to stay. Below
are given some of the most famous attractions of the city to visit.

1. Riverview Park and the Zoo

One of the most popular attractions of the city is the Riverview Park and Zoo. It is an equally
favourite place for both kids and adults. The Park is open all around the year and has no
entry fee. Along with the Emu, Wallaby, Two-Toed Sloth, and River Otter there are 45 species in
the zoo. Its playground has a splash pad, frisbee golf course, and a train ride, which makes it the most
diverse playground in the city.

2. Jackson Park

This park is a perfect spot for someone who wants to enjoy a peaceful walk or picnic. It is
one of the natural gems in Peterborough Ontario located near the stream. There is also a small but popular spot
for wedding ceremonies in the park known as Pagoda Bridge which is one of the most beautiful landmarks. The park has many trails where sports enthusiasts can go running, kayaking, hiking, or cycling.

3. Canadian Canoe Museum

The Canadian Canoe Museum of Peterborough shows the different histories of the country.
It is a family-friendly place with a wide collection of canoes. This huge collection has canoes from
hundreds of years back to modern ones. It is a place that should be visited by all water sports
enthusiasts. All the canoes in the museum have information boards with interesting facts with
them which provide its visitors with a fun learning experience.

4. Art Gallery of Peterborough

Another place worth visiting in Peterborough ON is its Art Gallery. It is a non-profit public art gallery
for people who are looking for free indoor activities. There is a collection of 1400 permanent art pieces in it. These art pieces include photography, sculptures, paintings, and prints. Along with these permanent pieces, temporary exhibitions are also held here. The Peterborough art gallery is a place that has fun activities for people of all ages from kids to adults. There is also a gift shop in it from where you can purchase local works of art.

5. Peterborough Lift Locks

The Lift Locks are one of the engineering marvels of Canada and jewels of the city. Peterborough Lift Lock is the highest hydraulic lift lock in the world. There is a boat trip to witness the whole process of the hydraulic lift and to listen to historical facts. It is a fun activity so when you visit Peterborough Ontario make sure to visit this destination.

6. Petroglyphs Provincial Park

If you are visiting Peterborough, then a must-visit place in the city is Petroglyphs Provincial Park. In this park, there are almost 1000 rock carvings, and it is said that these are 100 years old. Although the park is famous for its historical “Teaching Rocks”, there are many other fun activities that visitors can do such as hiking or cycling. One can also come here for wildlife viewing or just relaxation. This park is also home to one of the few meromictic lakes in the country known as McGinnis Lake. It offers such an amazing view to its visitors that how different layers of lake water don’t intermix.

7. The Publican Craft Brewery

When you are tired after all your sightseeing for the day then the best place for refreshment is in Downtown Peterborough known as Publican Craft Brewery. You will get some of the finest brews of Ontario here. These beers are made from natural wholesome ingredients without any compromise on quality and are full of freshness. It is just not famous for its beer but the food here is also very tasty. So, if you are planning to visit it for lunch then it is better to reserve a table beforehand as it is expected to be full.

8. Millennium Park

Millennium Park is right on the water and many events of the city take place here. Two of the world-famous festivals that occur here are the Purple Onion Festival and Ribfest. But even if there is no event for you to attend one can just visit and take a walk here to relax. There is Silver Bean Café on the waterfront which you can visit with your friends and have a cup of coffee with some delicious sweets. People that have visited the park recommend their tuna panini for lunch or ice cream if you are visiting in the summer.

9. Peterborough Museum & Archives

Peterborough Ontario is not only a city for recreation and relaxation but has also been known as an industrial city for decades. Many industries are flourishing here. One can get a better understanding of the city’s industrial role by visiting Peterborough Museum and Archives. The artifact and archive collection here has everything from clothing, ceremonial items, and tools to maps, documents, and personal letters concerning important people in the area. McGrath Collection and the Brock Street Collection of native burial goods are two important collections of this museum.

10. Peterborough Farmers’ Market

Another important destination of the city is its Farmer’s Market. If you are in Peterborough on the weekend you should stop by it. It opens every Saturday all around the year. This Farmers Market has a wide variety of items from fruit, vegetables to meat, honey, and prepared food. It also has different varieties of flowers. While going home don’t go without taking some baked items to eat. According to the visitors, Farmer’s Market is a delight to the senses.

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