Unforgettable Photo Booth Rental in Peterborough ON

Planning a party takes a lot of time. You need to decide on a theme, gather decorations, and book vendors. You’ve already booked the usual such as a caterer and a DJ, but there’s one event vendor you need to book now! A Magic Mirror is one of the hottest new activities for any kind of party, reception, or family gathering. Guests can create unique memories themselves and share them immediately on social media.

Event Guys in Peterborough is the party vendor you need for your next event in Peterborough. With their help and the Magic Mirror, your next party will be the one everyone is talking about!

The Party Activity Everyone Loves

When your guests discover our Magic Mirror at your event, they see an interactive full-length mirror they can activate themselves with the touch of a finger. Once they press play, the mirror will prompt them to strike a pose, choose a fun filter, or pick up a prop.

Guests not only have fun creating hilarious scenarios, but they also get the party started in a way they never would have anticipated. It’s an exciting surprise that’s enjoyed by all ages. In addition to our Interactive Magic Mirror photo booth, we also offer an inflatable tavern/pub for corporate events or festivals. Promote your business in a unique way that keeps clients at your booth where you can discuss business in a relaxed way.

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